Monday, August 18, 2008

Shifting my Thoughts

My thoughts are shifting out of old patterns. I caught myself though last night thinking in an old pattern and I had to breathe through it. The old patterns of thinking hold me back so I gently release them and thank God that I've become aware. Awareness is the key. Being in the Zone when I'm painting keeps me aware of my spiritual urging and message that I want to covey. Shifting can simply be letting go. Hurray!!
The painting is TIC TAC TWO 30x30 Acrylic, heavy gel $2200.00

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dog Days Afternoon

Dog Days Afternoon is an old term meaning summer is hot and you end up panting like a dog. Of course that doesn't apply now with air conditioning but you kinda feel the afternoon is for a siesta. I start walking at 5:30 when it is getting light out. Go to the store when it is cooler. Make breakfast. Then I can start painting. It feels so good that I'm in the zone. Of course I have 2 paintings going and then have to wait till they get dry. Clean up a bit then back to painting. In the meantime, I'll be working in my mind about the next painting. Sitting and visualizing. Then lunch. Now to rest. Painting is "Ready to Fly" 40x60 diptych acrylic $5400.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer in August and Painting

Just like the painting on the right, summer in Arizona is monsoon season with lightning. Here we get cabin fever because we have our house shut up tight. I get restless because I love fresh air. My paintings have a strange feelng to me. I'm disciplined though by painting almost every day.
Can't wait for fall though. I have a scene of autumn colored leaves on my desktop and I'm ready to get into the mountains. I'm gearing up for business by doing a variety of things to show my art. So just one more month of summer.
Painting: Energy Flows L 16x16 $900.00 acrylic,canvas and rock.