Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Change over to New Blog

Hi everyone, i'm changing to a new blog page called
www.LoriLandisArt.wordpress.com. I hear it gets more notice and once i get used to it I'll include more art. happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks Every Day

Once a year is not enough to give thanks but the habit of giving thanks everyday sets a positive emotion inside us. I know I have a tremendous amount to be thankful for. I have a wonderful family, friends, human angels and most importantly GOD.
I live in a wonderful country, state, city, and neighborhood.
I and God create beauty and love when I listen really well to the Spirit.
So thanks to God and to you, my family, friends, human and spiritual angels.
The Mandala on the right is called "Infinite".

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The World Still Spins on it's Axis

This colored pencil drawing is called "Opening The World". It is a mandala which I did a few years ago. This is before I stopped doing the mandalas to start my day. I guess when I moved out of my studio and into my home, I didn't realize after having an outside studio for 5 years that I would get caught up into home stuff and computer AND the "business of art". As I get older, focusing is hard because I have to let the painting or paintings dry so I start doing other things. This has got to stop because I'm not into my "Zen Zone" as much.
So I made an "intention" to look for a studio so I can just paint and teach in the first quarter of 2009.
After all the "noise" of the economy the World Still Spins on it's Axis and I'm not fearful because this is my mission to do art and God honors me doing it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's OVER! now move on

The garbage is over! I bet you are as sick of the politics as I am. From now on I'm going to concentrate on becoming a better ME. I have lots to do today. Working on my newsletter, rewriting some of my blogs for use in other venues, doing this blog, photographing my new works(that is a two day project, replacing photos on my website (after I get the photography done). The list goes on. But I'm really grateful to live in the United States in beautiful Arizona and Scottsdale by the mountains. I'm grateful for the love of and for my husband and for the ability to create great art (I think so)!
I'm looking for a studio outside my house. I had a great studio for 5 years in old town Scottsdale but moved back to the house when the developers were building the Waterfront complex. It got to be so dirty. I'll be teaching acrylic classes and my Spiritual Art workshop. Let me know if you are interested. Landis@landisart.com

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Relax in the Positive

Rather than thinking in a mood of lack, I'm thinking in terms of abundance. What other way can I get through each day and produce my art. Moving forward is my intention and goal. As an artist but also a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, I can't look any other way but up. When I try to figure what's going on the WORLD by listening to the news and bad politics I could get really down. I'm ignoring all the pundits and focusing on being grateful for who I am and what I have. Thanks, God.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Don't Panic, Have Faith

Why is everyone going off on a tailspin or running around like a chicken with his head cut off? I believe its because we've lost faith in MONEY. But isn't that the point? Having faith in ourselves and God is what it is all about.
Galleries and artists are fearful so they think that lower prices will help. There are still people out there wanting to buy art but they shy away from those people that have fear in their hearts. I understand about the money situation but having the fear sucks. They bring down the other artists or galleries that are around them just to justify their fears and then it is a feeding frenzy. Lots of people do very well during a down swing why can't you and I? If you stay away from naysayers and do some great thinking you might come up with a brilliant idea that puts you way up there in business.
The painting is called "Come Together" 6x9 acrylic on paper.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What Happened to the paperless Future?

Ten years ago when the computer was really getting into the vast amount of homes, it was said that we would have a paperless future. What a crock that was! It seems it produces more stuff than before. Things may have changed but not the paper. I'm a Virgo so I'm usually organized but I've been searching through my files (paper) and can't find my health file where I keep track of when I get my mammogram. So goody-goody I'll have to get one next week.
I've saved e-mails that are meaningful on the computer but I rarely go back to look at them so why do I save them? I guess we are all like that.
This Painting is a commission I did for Cigar King (an internet supplier) I also have it on my website at www.Landisart.com. I painted all the cigar rings that are his brands.

Monday, September 29, 2008

What Is Going On?

I can't believe what is going on in the world. But know this, everything has to adjust. We've been on a hugh wave and now we have to go down underneath. I'm not afraid and I'm not going to join Chicken Little and say the sky is falling.
As an artist, I choose (the operative word here) to keep plugging away and create paintings and market my work. It can be baby steps or giant leaps but I'm going to keep my mind and spirit on the positive side. If we all do that then we can pull the world up.
The paintings on the right are called "Coins I & II 12x12 inches each $800 each if bought together $1400.00 that $100 off each piece.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

In the Middle of the Night

Teaching the workshop for Arizona Watercolor Association on different ways of making acrylic paints work for the 19 students was so gratifying. They were eager to learn and made my teaching better. I always encourage people to honor their art work by treating it well, using good grade paints and substrates. Also I wanted to bring the energy level up when they are creating. On the right is a painting on plexiglass, which I showed them how to do.
Now on to my next series. It takes times to think things through but praying and clearing up of my of old stuff helps. Waking up in the middle of the night, I had my answer. Now to clear the decks and move to a new beat.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Starry Skies

We spent last week high in the Colorado Mountains at 9200 ft. elevation. The stars were incredible and so uplifting. I felt small in the grand scheme of things but really aware of the power we have within ourselves to push beyond petty issues. If I keep looking above instead of down below I can soar in my body, mind and Spirit.

It was so fun to spend with my daughter and our son-in-law Tim and Kaitlin our 7 yr old granddaughter. I didn't think about anything except being grateful for each day.
With my whole self being nourished and refreshed, I can now think clearly and ready for new things. I'll be teaching a workshop for the Arizona Watercolor Association this month. Yes, acrylic is considered watermedia. I'm joining the East Valey Art Guild and doing the Mesa Riverwalk at the 202 and Dobson. It's a big complex.
The painting at right is The Core Within- 40x40 acrylic $3200.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shifting my Thoughts

My thoughts are shifting out of old patterns. I caught myself though last night thinking in an old pattern and I had to breathe through it. The old patterns of thinking hold me back so I gently release them and thank God that I've become aware. Awareness is the key. Being in the Zone when I'm painting keeps me aware of my spiritual urging and message that I want to covey. Shifting can simply be letting go. Hurray!!
The painting is TIC TAC TWO 30x30 Acrylic, heavy gel $2200.00

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dog Days Afternoon

Dog Days Afternoon is an old term meaning summer is hot and you end up panting like a dog. Of course that doesn't apply now with air conditioning but you kinda feel the afternoon is for a siesta. I start walking at 5:30 when it is getting light out. Go to the store when it is cooler. Make breakfast. Then I can start painting. It feels so good that I'm in the zone. Of course I have 2 paintings going and then have to wait till they get dry. Clean up a bit then back to painting. In the meantime, I'll be working in my mind about the next painting. Sitting and visualizing. Then lunch. Now to rest. Painting is "Ready to Fly" 40x60 diptych acrylic $5400.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer in August and Painting

Just like the painting on the right, summer in Arizona is monsoon season with lightning. Here we get cabin fever because we have our house shut up tight. I get restless because I love fresh air. My paintings have a strange feelng to me. I'm disciplined though by painting almost every day.
Can't wait for fall though. I have a scene of autumn colored leaves on my desktop and I'm ready to get into the mountains. I'm gearing up for business by doing a variety of things to show my art. So just one more month of summer.
Painting: Energy Flows L 16x16 $900.00 acrylic,canvas and rock.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Conversations with the Canvas

Whenever I paint on canvas, I'm having a conversation. What I mean is there is a connection with my spirit and whatever flows through me is from something bigger and deeper than myself. That is why many of my paintings have a lot going on underneath. I have painted over the canvases and left just a small bit of a painting from before and that is the deeper aspect of my spirit. Don't know why and I don't need to know why.
This Painting is called "Thoughts Abound" NFS

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Where does the time go?

I think I'm doing okay then I look at my last blog and it's been a week since I wrote anything.
Because of all my internal changes, my art is changing too, but to what? My work is getting lighter in feeling and tone though. The process is about trusting Spirit instead of my brain. Using both is fine but when I think too much about my art, I get bogged down.
Utilizing my time better is part of it too. There are days where I'm all over the place. I wait for the paint to dry so then I'm doing something else and I might not get to that painting for a long while. I might work on housecleaning or get into a book or get on the computer. So where does the time go?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Scurry & Worry No More

In the past, I thought if I had lots of exhibits to do, everything will change.
Scurrying & worrying was part of it. I'm done with that. Working through Spirit has changed my feelings. I can be open to new possibilities and outlets for my art but not be frantic to sell or have fear of failure or success. Letting the Spirit lead the way is much more relaxing and joyfilled. Are you relaxed about your career?
The painting is called Outward 36x12 $1800 acrylic on board.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Listening to MY Feelings

Sometimes it takes a kick in the butt to change. I'm healing through the help of God and listening to MY feelings. Trusting in the Spirit and responding in kind. It's also moving me to paint more and work my business more but in the Spirit.
This painting is called Buddy. Don't know why I call him that. I sure had fun with it.

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Spider Web and me

That is what I call the internet. The spider web where you can go deeper and deeper and it has spun all kinds of things to get into. Learning more about that can add to confusion unless I'm careful. My main occupation is painting but I can get into the trap of the web and lose time and energy.
Today I'm working on a 5'x5' unstretched canvas. I've painted it and laid it aside rolled up. Now I'm really to do more to it. I'll add pieces of beads, strips of other painted canvases whatever calls to me. I'll leave the web till later this evening.
The painting is 24x36 acrylic. I did this a while ago and did some reworking. $1800.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

just a little "magic"

Painting today and overpainting some work I've done previously. The process is sometimes never over. Paintings don't feel right at some point and I have do new completely or paint out some and cover that part. I have to rest some paintings until I intuitively am ready for them.
People ask, "how long does it take to do a painting?". It's not a flippant answer when an artist says hours, days, months, or years.
There is a little "magic" flow to the process.
"Jumping Through Hoops" Hope you love this. We don't have a dog of our own but here's one in my mind's eye.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thought into Action

Thoughts are a dime a dozen but when I turn that thought into action then I progress into what I can truly be.
The temperatures are high in Arizona for June. Thank God and Carrier for air conditioning. Carrier put his thought about air conditioning into action and voila, we are cool. Don't bemoan the state of your career make the change with action.
The image is "Energy Flows" triptych-16x16's acrylic,4x4 canvas and stone $2800.00
I looked and felt the stone on the lower right hand corner and painted the landscape of the stone.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Truth Can Set You Free

The truth, what is it? The older I get I realize I've been unsure of myself and my gifts. I've been given all the gifts in the world that I need as a human being and artist. Acknowledging them and going with that truth does set me free. I am unique and so are you.
Belief in oneself and having faith that everything works for the best is a blessing because I don't have to think in terms of struggle but in terms of freedom. Truth does set me free.
This painting is NFS.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Morning Coffee

There is something so good about waking up and having the first cup of coffee. Oh wait, the coffee has lost its' zing. Where is coffee that has the aroma and taste that it used to have? That's disappeared but I still drink the coffee because of habit or lack of thought. Am I really unaware of what I'm doing?
I'm working on changing habits or patterns to give my life the zing. I'm so grateful for each morning that yes I'm drinking that first cup of coffee this morning but it's an expresso just for the change. Enjoy your coffee.
The painting is "Red Sky" 9x12 then it's framed acrylic $850.00

Monday, June 9, 2008

Boundless Thoughts

I'm at a stage where I'm not bound up to useless thoughts but instead "Boundless Thoughts". What a freedom that is! I'm looking at a picture of a nautilus shell that is not only beautiful but comes from the core and goes to infinity. As an artist I not only connect through my writings but through my soul onto my paintings. I'm free to think and act with "Boundless Thought". It's almost scary to think that BIG. The painting is called "Going Deeper" 5x7 acrylic on canvas $295.00.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Feelin Good?

Having been hard on myself all these years, I have a hard time discerning if I'm feeling good or if it's my ego. Trusting myself and letting go is something that I'm growing into but it takes an awareness that at my age is a work in progress and a surprise. Awareness and deliberateness is the goal plus feeling good. Hurrah for me!

The painting on the right is called "Thoughts Circling Round" 5x7 inches Acrylic. It is $295.00 Hope you are "feeling good".

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Feeling like Indiana Jones

Being on this path of an artist is like feeling like Indiana Jones. I'm facing obstacles like it is an adventure and saying this is breathtaking but fun. That is the way I'm going to do what needs to get done and move on. Having the right spirit of adventure rather than dragging along I'm sure will help me through the process of growth. So being a late bloomer is a-okay. Harrison Ford is in his 60's and having fun. I can too.
The picture on the right is 5x5 inches called "Enclosed" acrylic on canvas. price $250.00. Enjoy, fellow adventurers.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shifting Within

I've been very busy shifting within. That's why I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks. What I mean is that I'm now ready to grow again spiritually and mentally. I think there are stages in life that put me on a path to get into a balance that takes me further in growth,wisdom and clarity. It takes a lot of energy to push myself and still be on my mission.
I've accepted help through God, healers that have been sent to me and books to see what I can become by shifting within.
This Painting is "Energy Flows" 4-16x16's acrylic,4x4 cancvas and stone. $3200.00
The earth shifts with each stone.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Here's a Question

Here's a question that my husband and I talked about this morning. Jim Rohn came up with this question. "What kind of person do you need to be to be a success in your business". So today I'm going to go out of the house (where my studio is) find a spot and really think about it.

Because I've been somewhat confused and maybe sending out mixed messages, I really need to focus on what kind of person I need to be and what kind of art that entails. The law of attraction works with a very clear message.

My thoughts have been clearer and attracting some good things but I think I'm ready now to be even clearer in my mind of what I want. I know that being very specific about my goals and focus will help me with that question above.

So are you ready to ask that question of yourself?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Loving What Is

Loving what is AND isn't is a real test of my ability to be who I really am. I can hide behind all kinds of masks but being genuine at all times even to get hurt is the real test.
Loving my art and putting it out there can be scary but knowing I'm doing my very best at this particular time is all I can do.
I used to be so intense that it was stressing me out and raising my blood pressure.
I don't want to live like that.
Trusting that my art abilities are a gift God has given me. I don't want to waste it
suffering for my art. I want to embrace it and love it for what it is.
this image is 36x12 $1800.00

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pursuing an Art Life

Pursuing an Art Life is more that just making pictures or sculpture or whatever creative activity you do. I chose painting (I have done one sculpture on the right called "Warrior Woman"). It's thinking better of myself and what worth I can bring to the table of the world. I've been given this desire and gift and it requires more than making art.
So this journey is made up of slowly building a painting inventory. That also helps to practice your techniques and the more you paint the more you are not self conscious about how but what you do.
Then the drive kicks in because pursuing an art life means marketing yourself to galleries, fairs,etc. which requires much knowledge about computer skills, writing, photography and a lot of other things. Are you up to the challenge?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Pick & Choose

There are only so many hours a day and the energy to fill those hours. So I have to pick and choose what I'm going to accomplish. I've become a little more organized. By doing my cleaning on Saturdays , that takes it off my mind during the week so I can concentrate on my art business.

The morning starts for me by being grateful for a whole new day and then journaling or reading really good stuff to start the day positive. Walking for 35 minutes, then breakfast. Oh I forgot coffee, coffee first.

Going to my drafting table, I start there with a Mandala or working on my granddaughter Ally's book. That starts the juices flowing so I can just be when I face the canvas. Because when I do that I'm in an absorbing time to what can flow through me.

I work on 2 or 3 different pieces. Sometimes I cover over a whole painting or on an older painting I pick and choose what I won't cover and what I will cover.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Painting

Centering is the name of the painting on the right. The size is 36x12 acrylic on board and is priced at $1800. Now that the advertising is over, I'd like to talk about centering or focusing and making your work easier. With all the hoopla going around like TV, Computer, Cell Phone, IPOD's, etc. I wonder what kind of energy is being drained from your body and brain. All this stuff has been developed basically in the last 12 years so no one knows what long term effects it will have on our nervous system.
What kind of tools can we develop to stop from harming ourselves? I believe meditation, prayer, being in nature, creating can help big time. What other tools can help us on our journey? Let me know what you think.
Centering helps me maintain my balance. Lets me come up with new and exciting ideas. Helps me grow in healthy ways.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Klimt & Klee

Klimt & Klee really are great artists. So is my friend Renee Phillips of Manhattanarts.com (look up her jewelry website there). She made this necklace called "Balance" and people can't keep their eyes off it. ( That's me).
I don't know why people who do fine art look down their nose at fine crafts and the artisans who make them.
If you look at quilters who make unique and beautiful quilts or the wood turner who makes a wonderfully crafted table they are doing ART.
I'm amazed at all the wonderful creations that come out of people's head.
What a joy and joins us all spiritually to make the world a much better place. I'm so grateful to know and be part of the community of creatives.
Klimt & Klee and all the artists before us are I'm sure singing because we are continuing on no matter what obstacles we face.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring & Follow Thru

Spring is here at last in the desert and I'm loving it! With all the wildflowers blooming there is lots of color. Which I love.
Spring also brings the time when you want to be outside enjoying the weather but your head says be inside so you can follow thru on all the aspects of your business. Being an entrepeneur,which an artist is, there is freedom everyday to do what you want but unless you are disciplined you don't make money. So there are tradeoffs.
If I play then I have my work hanging over my head. If I don't play my art suffers.
So what is a person to do?
What do you do?
I'm so fortunate that I love what I do because it helps me grow as a person. I'm always searching self-help books and articles but you get on these people's lists about this book or that book until you get turned off about it all. Really, it's simple. Just love what you are today. Just BE. Then all of a sudden follow thru is easy and spring is a delight.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Healing and Art

Isolating myself does not lead to healing and good art. I don't know if it's been the lack of good sleeping or depression or frustration. But after this weekend, I went to a celebration of life of a gal who just is recovering from open heart surgery. Her friends were really loving and I loved being there. Then last night I got a really good night's sleep. Boy, my mental attitude is so much better.
That is healing when you are around love and joy.

My husband works at home too. He has to deal with insurance companies on claims because he has a benefits company. So there is a lot of frustration coming from his office while I try to be peaceful and serene creating my art. What a juggling act.

I'm shifting into another stage but don't know where it will lead me as far as the look of my art. I just finished 4 hard edged paintings because they are on doors. So they look entirely different. If I could just figure out how to add them on my blog.
Oh well, healing and art are the same in my book. What about you?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Quest For Gold

Yes, the quest for gold in the title could mean looking for the money but I mean it in a different way. I'm questing for the gold in my heart and the creativity that comes out of my heart.
It comes from looking inside deeply of who I am on this journey. The refining of gold comes from terrific heat and how it stands up to the fire. So this journey is a thousand steps of standing in the fire and refining myself.

I'm a very prolific painter because I have lots of creative thoughts and have huge ideas for series. Okay, I stray off the mark because I either don't have the room or the big substrates that I require for the images. What happens is that if I paint on paper I get very different looks than I do with canvas or masonite. So I come out with many different looks. Will people be able to recognize my work? Or am I fighting myself. The world is always looking for the latest in trends and not so much of content. So many products used today are not archival and will not last the test of time. Am I looking to be the new trend or something much longer lasting?
The quest for gold can mean that I'm looking in the wrong places.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Hold On Tight To Your Dream"

A Saturn commercial has taken an old song "Hold On Tight To Your Dreams". How true, true ,true. Without dreams we are just existing and not living. If you go to my website www.Landisart.com
and on the home page you'll see "Creative Spirit" video. Click on that and you'll see what I mean. Live for each moment. Be grateful. That will bring joy.

I can see that I've made made mistakes by taking myself too seriously and making working with computer and business as heavy duty and not as a challenge that I can do "with a song in my heart" just as much as painting and being creative. I'm being creative in everything I do. So what, that I can't print my labels anymore I'll just write them out by hand.

Being uncomfortable with a new challenge is supposed to be that way otherwise, I'd never grow.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"You Gotta Have Faith"

Belief in myself as an artist keeps me coming back for "more" because this is my mission.

Many people are afraid of non-objective (abstract) art. They don't really look at it and get drawn into it. Most times they take just a glance rather than standing in front of the painting and absorbing it.

Rembrandt and J.W.M. Turner all started with an abstracted background. Turner's work is very ethereal.

So grab your glasses and really study my art, you'll be surprised how much depth is there. I had one person describe my art that it reminded her of a Buddhist Temple in Hawaii. Maybe you'll see deeper than before because it is about spirituality and growth.
Blessings to you reader.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Illuminated me

Yesterday, My husband and I were given a private tour of "Illuminated Manuscripts" at the Phoenix Art Museum By Jim Melikian, the collector of these manuscripts. It was fascinating. One of the hand made books was made about 1000 A.D. The precision
and tiny letters and designs were just amazing. The patience of the monks and scribes, who made these books I couldn't imagine.
It gave my imagination flight.
I can't wait to begin a new series now. I've been trying to figure where I wanted to go next, so yes, it did illuminate the way for me.
Isn't it funny when you are looking for a clue, it comes to you in the a most unusual way. You just have to be open to it.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Wishin' & Hopin'

I've worked very hard these past 9 years of being a professional artist. I've gotten some good things going on. Other things seem like I'm banging my head against a rock. That's when my mind (chatter) tries to take over. Should I do this , should I do that until I get very confused.

I'm starting to do some paintings with a recognizable feature in it. I don't know where it will take me in my quest for my truth as an artist. I don't know if I'm thinking too much or not enough. I've done over 1500 paintings some very small some pretty large. Then I'll paint over them because they aren't right to me. I can't put out paintings that don't feel right. Feel is the operative word here. Being true to myself is a constant battle for me.

Here's the thing, wishin' and hopin' do not cut it. Only by taking action and working on my MISSION makes me a happy camper.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Chattering Mind

Too much of a chattering mind keeps me sometimes from listening to my heart. If I lose focus then I'm not free to be creative.
Being on the computer and learning all these new ways of doing things plus keeping up with the organizational stuff gets to me. The flow is gone because I freeze up sometimes.
What do you do when it seems overwhelming?
Do you feel like your career and listening to advice (chattering) takes up most of your time?
Getting clear and meditating is the only way to stop the noise. Many people use yoga. I don't because I've been hurt twice doing it. I use mandalas to meditate or walking in nature. What are mandalas, you ask? They are circles where you draw in whatever you want without the critical noise. Early Christians, Navajos and Tibetan Monks use it for healing. Labyrinths are mandalas too. The Chartes Cathedral in France has one.
My main goal is to be at all times my authentic self. The self that God made.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I think I can, I think I can

My childhood was made up of "you can't do". Negativity hurts your soul if you hear it enough.  My journey started rocky but I don't believe the negativity anymore. My soul is saying you can, you can just like the "Little Engine Who Could". I was tender but I'm getting whole and strong. I'm a warrior. That is what an artist is, a warrior. Taking on your own inner voices and saying I believe in myself and my mission as an artist. I've had wonderful experiences so far and more coming. I've met some wonderful people and I was on the Hallmark Channel May 3, 2004 "When is A Maze Not a Maze". See it on my website. I called it Creative Spirit video www.Landisart.com. I'm talking about listening to your heart.I'll be teaching classes from time to time on "Rituals & Mandalas, A Centering for your Life". If you are interested in that class let me know on my website contact page.So what to do about my "career". I'm in my 60's and I have a lot of living to do. What does your future look like? Just listen with your heart and let's start a dialogue.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Balancing Act

Learning how to walk as a baby, a baby has take little steps. As a seven yr old girl after getting out of the hospital and gaining my limbs back I had learn to walk with my arm not working. It caused an imbalance and with a few concussions finally got myself going. I wanted to leap and twirl and run but I got that beat out of me. So what to do, I started to dance quietly. I love to dance. It gives me great joy and I feel alive when I dance. I was determined to be "normal", whatever that means.

As an artist, I don't feel normal either. But being an artist gives me great joy. The problem is an artist has to be a business person too. What a shock that was! After I had the classes, I put myself out there and approached a gallery on Main St in Scottsdale and entered a national watercolor show and I got in both. AH I said, I've arrived. Wrong, I just painted and let the gallery do the work for 3 years. But it wasn't enough. Then the gallery moved off Main St. I had a solo show they put on in a nice restaurant. It was great looking. I was featured artist in a show. Then I got cocky when a gallery on Main St asked me to come aboard. Stupid is the word. I learned my lesson. Never let your ego get in the way of your career

Friday, January 25, 2008

Just a Little More

I guess I'm going to get a bit philosophical about the journey of THIS artist. You see, I've been fighting battles all my life because of the frame of reference that was put into my head. There are lots of books out how to slice and dice your brain to become a better person but mostly they make a lot of work out of it and I'm tired.
It seems that all the work I've put into becoming a better person is not neccessary. It is just accepting what is and having joy and gratitude each day. Letting go.

Now you say, what has that got to do with my art? I've been trying to please others with some of my art. When I first became an artist I was so full of love and joy of creating then critics came inside and outside. Doubts about who I am as an artist (this is over years). By listening to them, I lost that spark for awhile. I've been in a few galleries some good and some not so good. Some of them were and are encouraging and some just treating your art as a commodity period. It takes a lot of fortitude to not be affected. That is the secret. You just keep plugging away never giving up your dream. The future is going to be great as soon as I decide where I want to be. To be a Grandma Moses in museums or to be an artist in galleries or both. This is a GIFT given to me by GOD and I never want to dishonor the GIFT. I need to remember this is my journey. Let me know what your journey is.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Getting to Know Me" part two artist

Yes, there is a part two. This is the second part of my journey. I could fill it up with a lot of personal stuff but I don't know what would be germaine about art. So let me know if I get too stuffy ha. I'm a grandmother ( no way you say). How did that happen so fast? Time keeps marching and we have to keep marching faster and faster as we get older. I'm marching to lots of tunes that I learned through the years. But I'm struggling to keep marching to my OWN tune.
When I say part two artist, I mean it. Doing art in my second half of my life is being like a whole new person. The passion and the ups and very downs feel like a roller coaster but I wouldn't have it any other way. It drives my husband nuts sometimes and its not my hormones.
But on to art. Early on I realized that I couldn't take the odor of oil paints and anything connected with oils. I could have gone on to watercolor but I liked working with acrylics because I could cover mistakes because I can't hold my hand steady because of the physical problems. I really admire the foot and mouth artist who has to work with tremendous odds just to paint. They have a society called "Foot and Mouth Artists. Look them up on Google.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Getting to Know Me" song

Blog, Blog, Blog. That is what all the pundits say to do to advance the "career". I do journal but that is for me personally. So this is more of "getting to know me" as an artist and how I do my journey as an artist and as a person. Being open and transparent hopefully without having my boundries crossed.
I came to be an "artist" when I went back to college suffering from "empty nest syndrome". I had done crafts and baking and decorating but nothing prepared me for this. I had found an elective in drawing and since I could only do stick figures it was intriging and challenging. As a self-taught artist, I took 4 classes of life drawing, classical drawing etc. The more I took the more I was hooked, then I took painting classes. WOW, color was IT. I did landscapes, portraits, still lifes. The problem was when I worked at an easel my back and right arm couldn't take it.

You see when I was a girl I contracted polio. I was paralyzed from the neck down then slowly I regained movement in all my limbs except my left arm, which is still paralyzed. Also my neck and my right arm don't have much strength. So what to do.
I LOVE color and am a spiritual person so I started to do non-objective paintings flat on an architects' table. That saved me from a lot of pain and brought me joy at the same time because I was drawing from deep inside my soul. I needed to get that out.
So until next time to continue this saga, blessings to you.