Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Getting to Know Me" song

Blog, Blog, Blog. That is what all the pundits say to do to advance the "career". I do journal but that is for me personally. So this is more of "getting to know me" as an artist and how I do my journey as an artist and as a person. Being open and transparent hopefully without having my boundries crossed.
I came to be an "artist" when I went back to college suffering from "empty nest syndrome". I had done crafts and baking and decorating but nothing prepared me for this. I had found an elective in drawing and since I could only do stick figures it was intriging and challenging. As a self-taught artist, I took 4 classes of life drawing, classical drawing etc. The more I took the more I was hooked, then I took painting classes. WOW, color was IT. I did landscapes, portraits, still lifes. The problem was when I worked at an easel my back and right arm couldn't take it.

You see when I was a girl I contracted polio. I was paralyzed from the neck down then slowly I regained movement in all my limbs except my left arm, which is still paralyzed. Also my neck and my right arm don't have much strength. So what to do.
I LOVE color and am a spiritual person so I started to do non-objective paintings flat on an architects' table. That saved me from a lot of pain and brought me joy at the same time because I was drawing from deep inside my soul. I needed to get that out.
So until next time to continue this saga, blessings to you.

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LisaD said...

Way to go Mom! This is nicely done! I hope you get great results from it!